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When it comes to telephony auditing, there's no one better on the market. Let our services help your company grow and close more deals.

The Brazilian telephony market lacks structure, intelligence and professionalism. As we still have one of the most expensive services in the world, to be constantly looking for the best cost-benefit eats away your business' time and money. Let our software, solutions and team of specialists take care of these matters, so that your focus is where it should be: on getting more clients, more business deals and more revenue. How do you feel about growing together?


That's it!

What we do and how we do it:

We are a telephony audit and management company. We're going to reduce your monthly telephony costs. Our numbers prove our ability to generate results and reduce costs for our clients.

Our high-qualified team and exclusive software will map your costs and optimize your spending. Monthly you will be hearing from us with a detailed report on everything we've done.

Just click here and fill our form. Within 24 hours, tops, you'll be receiving a message from us. Together, we are going to find the best solution for your business.

As for IT we are the best option you have for a partner. Let us handle all the bureaucracy. Costs down and everything easier for you. More time, money and freedom for what truly matters.

We are 100% independent. No strings attached to any telephone company, everything we do is crystal clear. Our results are complete and efficient. Getting you to save money will always be our only objective.

What we are going to do for your business:

We're leaders in what we do: bring efficiency and intelligence to your telephony structure. Get more time and autonomy to freely target what matters the most while our team of specialists work hard to make your business grow.

% of the total were
big scale projects
Thousand invoices
Skill set

Less costs and more growth

We take pride in having 93% of our customers pleased with our services!

 To maintain a telephone structure always lean costs you time and money, not to mention all the manpower and energy.

We propose to free you and your business of all that. We're going to cut costs, allowing you and your focus to get back on tracks and work on what's priority: new clients, new businesses and accomplishing new objectives..

Costs savings
Happy customers
Intelligent maping

We are 100% focused on your business.

No strings attached to any telephone service provider. And what does that mean? There are no interests getting in the way of each other. We're free to make every decision based on your needs only.

We are the right solution for your department's daily routine.

The routine, the bureaucracy and the challenges that come up on a company end up being the responsibility of the IT team. We from WeAudit take care of telephony so that you may have more time to produce and more money to invest.

The technology we use is 100% our own. And that makes all the difference.

Most consultants use tools created by others. Not so with us. We've built, from scratch, the most intelligent and complete software of the market – and they'll be all working for you and your business.

We won the Great Place To Work award.

The only company in our segment to have been awarded the GPTW's quality seal, that means not only our services are highly efficient, but also the way we handle our clients and collaborators is as excellent as it can be. That makes all the difference..

A thing to be proud of: 93% of pleased customers.

This is one of our greatest accomplishments. Made possible by our team's efficiency, our software's quality and the intelligence of our service. Be surprised by our solutions.

Know our numbers and surprise yourself:

We are experts in generating great results.



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